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It is difficult to imagine a bathroom without toilet. This item is definitely needed in every home, but choose it much more difficult than it seems. After all, modern technology has led to the fact that the toilet is no longer just a subject of plumbing to meet the natural needs. He gained a lot of useful (and not) features and changed shape. At this point in the plumbing shops can be found hundreds of different models, which differ significantly from each other. How not to make a mistake in choosing? And what should be especially useful in the modern toilet?

How to choose a toilet without splashing correctly

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Before buying a toilet is necessary to consult with the plan of the room, because the wrong size can result in an uncomfortable position. Remember that sufficient space for the feet must be provided. What other important characteristics worth mentioning?

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There are several kinds of toilet bowls. The most common – detached. In this case, the bowl and tank are connected, and are so far away from the wall, as you prefer. There are two subspecies: classic and compact. In the first case the tank is “fused” with the bowl, so the possibility of a leak do not worry. The only problem is that the breaking tank will replace the whole toilet. Moreover, such construction occupies more room. Monoblock looks very stylish and harmonious.

But the well-known CD allows you to replace the main parts in the event of cracking or other damage. It also saves space.

How to choose a toilet without splashing correctly

In addition to free-standing toilets and toilets can be found with a hinged design. In this case, the cup is attached to the wall, and it is mounted in the tank. This design is completely safe, even the weight of a very dense person will not be able to move with the toilet seats. In addition, the absence of legs simplifies cleaning. Mounted toilets look stylish and impressive.

You can highlight a few differences in specific elements.

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